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Mindfulness and Depression

How mindfulness practices can help ease the pain of depression. An old one from elephant journal. A friend of mine is one of the 20 million Americans struggling with a long stretch of depression today. I know what she’s going … Continue reading

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Yoga Of Body And Mind Weekend With Anyen Rinpoche And David Jewett

I have to confess, I’m not a yoga guy. Believe me. I’ve wanted to be. But like most people the demands on my time in this hectic culture of “doing, doing, doing” has forced me to choose between Downward Dog … Continue reading

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Daily Practice, Part 3: Breathe!

OK. So we’ve decided that meditation is something worth trying. We’ve gotten comfortable on a pillow or meditation cushion and realized that “comfortable” is probably just a metaphor for something else entirely. Now what? First of all, meditation is about … Continue reading

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Daily Practice, Part 2: Sitting

The other day I was talking about daily practice. But what is it that we’re practicing anyway? In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition alone, there are literally thousands of meditations and practices. Some of them are long and complicated with detailed … Continue reading

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