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Make Yourself At Home: Spirituality As Birthright

For years I lived in a land of spiritual exile. It was a cold, dark place. In that land I was cut off from the very source of all life and nourishment. I couldn’t breathe there and the gasping was … Continue reading

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Thank You

In two weeks I’ll be done with work and getting ready to head out of Colorado. Then I’m officially homeless, jobless and mostly possession-less for the next six months. I’m going on another pilgrimage. I made one to India in … Continue reading

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How I Came To Be A Buddhist In 592 Words or Less

My teacher, Anyen Rinpoche, has a student blog on his website. This week the question was “How did you come to meet with the Sacred Dharma and how has it changed your body, speech and mind?” Well, here it is … Continue reading

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