Gay Monk Lays Buddha Smack-Down

A friend of mine posted this over at Buddhadharma the other day. It’s a great video clip of an interview with a Thai Buddhist monk who used to be a transvestite.

The interviewer is a little annoying at times. In his overly sensationalist, typical tabloid-in-your-face-a-current-affair journalistic style, he seems hell bound on getting a rise out of the guy.

But the young monk never looses his cool. Towards the end of the interview segment he lays the Buddha smack down on the show’s host:

“Can you cease it in your mind? A gay is a gay. Let it be. I am what I am.”

That’s right!

Watch the whole video clip here:

About Chris Lemig

In 2007 I finally came out to family and friends as being gay. After twenty-three years of drug and alcohol addiction, I got sober, picked up a book on Buddhism then promptly bought a plane ticket to India. The Narrow Way is the story of how all that came to be.
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2 Responses to Gay Monk Lays Buddha Smack-Down

  1. Buddhacrone says:

    This monk is the one with his/her/whatever head screwed on straight. The interviewer is pretty much an idiot. I’ve been gay for a looooong time. It’s always like this. Maybe in a few more lifetimes things will change, but I’m not counting on it. Thank you for this. This monk is a truly beautiful person.

    • Chris Lemig says:

      I think the host was being overly dramatic because it’s a TV show and was just doing his job. But yes, I agree, this monk is a wonderful, kind, and gentle human being. Inspiring!

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