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Commit To Sit: Helpful Hints For Starting A Mindfulness Practice

This article first appeared on ThoughtBrick.com Mindfulness is everywhere in the news these days. It’s all over the place and you can’t seem to attend even the driest of corporate strategy planning sessions without hearing about it. We all know … Continue reading

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The Way Of The Bodhisattva Is A Path Not A Light Switch

I just finished a week-long retreat with my teacher, Anyen Rinpoche. It was a wonderful way to transition back into life in the States. A reminder that Dharma is everywhere, not just in faraway places like India and Nepal. Rinpoche … Continue reading

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Buddhism And Recovery: How The Dharma Helps Keep Me On The Path

This is a revised draft of an article on Buddhism and recovery that I wrote last year. Hope you enjoy it (again)! “What was it about Buddhism that helped you the most when you were first getting on the path … Continue reading

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